Birthday (month/day): September 3

Favorite Restaurant: Smokin Fins, Sushi Mango, 

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Torchy’s, Chipotle, 

If I had an unexpected day off, I would spend it…: reading, gardening, going for a walk, Peloton, online shopping at Athleta

On a bad day, these would cheer me up…: reading, gardening, going for a walk, Peloton, going to a movie, online shopping at Athleta 

Favorite Starbucks drink: Nonfat, two pump, Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Chocolate or Fruit?: chocolate…as long as it’s not mint. If it’s mint, then fruit…as long as it’s not bananas. If it’s bananas, then chocolate. 

Favorite place to shop: Athleta, Target, Crate and Barrell

Favorite color:  green

Hobbies: (bowling, golf, etc…): skiing, gardening, visiting National Parks, collecting autographed books from my favorite authors

Favorite Ben Franklin Virtue: cleanliness 

My family includes…: My family of five includes my husband, Patrick, our three children, Lillia, Aidan, and Charlie, and our dog Stella