The following types of payments will be made through MySchoolBucks:

  • Student Fees
  • Athletics
  • Electives
  • Field Trips
  • School Lunch
  • Summer & Fall BASE Camp
  • Some After School Programs

Please note: Many before/after school clubs/performing arts activities have a separate payment and registration process. To register for after school performing arts programs, click here

Please note the following important items:

  1. If your student is new to BFA (new enrollment or incoming Kindergarten) you MUST first add your student to your MySchoolBucks profile in order to see fees or register for events.  In order to do this click the blue menu bar in the top right corner, choose My Students then Add.
  2. The parameters of this new system DO NOT allow us to extend enrollment deadlines for any event.  You will need to pay special attention to registration deadlines sent to you by your student’s teacher/coach and complete your registrations before the close date.
  3. Due to this system being used by all of DCSD, you may see activities from some/all schools in our district.  All BFA events will begin with “BFA” in the title.  Therefore you can filter your search using “BFA” to only show activities or events for our school.
  4. We are finding that the website is more user friendly and strongly recommend that you use the website for all registrations rather than the MySchoolBucks mobile app.  They are still fine tuning the app and until it is complete, please use the website for registrations to ensure important permission items are not missed.

Set up an account and begin using MySchoolBucks today!

If you are new to MySchoolBucks, please take a few minutes and set up your account.  Just have your student’s birthday or student ID number handy and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘’ link
  2. Click the ‘sign up today!’ link
  3. Fill out the Sign Up Form to set up your profile *NOTE: your email address will be your user name
  4. Click ‘create account’
  5. Once profile is set up, now it is time to add students. Click the ‘continue to add a student’ link
  6. Fill out the ‘Add A Student’ Form *NOTE: you will need students birthdate OR student ID #
  7. Click the ‘find student’ button
  8. Click the ‘add student’ button
  9. You can then choose to click on, ‘add another student’ OR ‘finish’

If you have questions, please contact BFA’s Business Manager, Halsley Hoff.