Preschool Students Graduating
Preschool Students Sing For Parents in Graduation Gowns and Hats.

Debating between a half day or full day of preschool? The decision is difficult to make. Children should feel good about their time in Preschool so it is important to let your child be your guide in your decision. We believe the more positive educational experiences we can provide for our children the further they will go. That is why we developed a full day program that will benefit your child in a nurturing and educational environment. If you feel your child is ready for the next step please read below.

By enrolling your child in the full day program you will receive the full morning curriculum and:

  • Additional small group time that focuses on phonics, science, math and writing skills-repetition of key concepts is a large component to learning, and retaining, information at this age
  • Yoga-helps children focus better, increases self-esteem, improves flexibility and lowers stress
  • An introduction to Spanish-research shows that the best time to teach a second language is during the early years
  • Music and Art focus- encourages growth in all areas of development from fine motor to critical thinking
  • Children learn best through play and the arts are the natural vehicle for play
  • A longer day (8:20 AM-3:20 PM) will help prepare your child for the longer days of school to come
  • More time in the day for you to come in and volunteer!

Still debating? Schedule a time to meet with the preschool director to see what schedule is the best choice for your child.