Preschool Students Graduating
Preschool Students Sing For Parents in Graduation Gowns and Hats.

Ben Franklin Academy’s preschool uses the Core Knowledge Sequence.  The benefits of Core Knowledge are many, and it has been widely accepted that it improves student performance. The Core Knowledge Sequence recognizes that children are always ready to learn, and they build knowledge based on what they already know.  Unlike traditional preschool programs where there is no consistency in content resulting in a wide disparity of knowledge and skills that students possess, the Core Knowledge Sequence supports a smooth transition to kindergarten.  The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a clear outline of what children are expected to learn, and it promotes the inherent desire to continue that learning.  This is one of many stepping stones that students receive that helps them achieve developmental goals.  The Core Knowledge Sequence allows each child to have individualized instruction and makes regular assessment a priority.  Ben Franklin Academy preschoolers will enter kindergarten having attained all of the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful.  Ben Franklin Academy is committed to high student achievement year after year starting with preschool. The Core Knowledge Sequence ensures that.

  • Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence with age appropriate math, science, handwriting, music, phonics and technology
  • 3/4 year old and 4/5 year old pre-kindergarten classrooms
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday
  • Morning, afternoon and full-day sessions available