Faculty Favorites – Shannon Olson

Birthday: 02/19

Favorite Restaurant: White Chocolate Grill

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Panera

If I had an unexpected day off, I would spend it…: Getting a pedicure/manicure and go shopping with my mom and my sister.

On a bad day, these would cheer me up…: Flowers, chocolates, hugs and kind words.

Favorite Starbucks drink: Hot Chocolate

Chocolate or Fruit?: Chocolate

Favorite place to shop: Macy’s, TJMaxx and Target

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite sports team: We love to go to any sporting event as a family. We also love cheering on our own team…my husband is a basketball coach and soccer coach, my daughter plays basketball and soccer and my son plays every sport:)

Hobbies: (bowling, golf, etc…): Baking, scrapbooking and love taking pictures for fun.

Favorite Ben Franklin Virtue: Tranquility

My family includes,…: My husband, Chris. My daughter Kiernan (14) and my son Kellen (11)