Grant Writing Committee

The Grant Writing Committee is a working sub-committee of the Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) Board of Directors (Board) that works collaboratively with BFA’s teachers, staff, administrators, parents, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Board to investigate, identify and assist in the submission of grant applications for projects aligned with the mission and vision of BFA.

Some generous employers offer grants to non-profits such as BFA, when their employees volunteer time.  In fact, some employers (such as Liberty Media or Arrow Electronics) will consider requests for funding only if the request is made by an employee. If you have any questions regarding whether your employer offers any potential grants, contact your Human Resources Department or send an email to

In the past, BFA has received employer volunteer grants from Qwest (now CenturyLink), Farmers Insurance and Bank of America.  Such employee volunteer grants are separate from employer matching programs for employee financial donations and submitted through the PTO.  Please see the PTO’s web page for additional details.

If you want to get involved with BFA’s grant team or have any questions regarding any grant opportunities, please contact the Grant Writing Committee via email.

Grant Committee Members

    Sandy Graham

    Grant Committee Member