BFA’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) Expo gets better and better each year! The purpose of the event is to expose our K-8 students to the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a fun and experiential way. They have the chance to see real world applications of what they learn about in school, and are also exposed to potential STEAM careers they could pursue. The event takes place in September and is comprised of volunteers including BFA parents, teachers and staff, as well as vendors from all content areas. Everyone sets up in the gym for the day and all students and staff have the chance to spend about an hour exploring the different offerings.

2017-18 Expo

If you measure how much BFA students enjoyed the STEAM Expo by smiles and noise level, then this year was a smashing success! There were 28 stations, eight of which were focused on the Arts, and our Fruit Toss Club displayed their trebuchet. A HUGE THANK YOU to the 45 parents and family members who volunteered to help with the event.

This is the first time we added the “A” to transform our  STEM  Expo into a STEAM Expo. The integration of the “A” encourages our students to explore the Arts, which fosters creativity in all subject areas. This is also the first time we’ve had HawkQuest at the Expo. Seeing a Falcon, Owl, and Bald Eagle was a huge treat!

Special thanks to the vendors who participated this year: HawkQuest, Bear Creek Lake Park, Kodo Kids, National Park Service,Modular Robotics, United Launch Alliance, Colorado Code Club, Lockheed Martin, and Music & Arts.
We appreciate our volunteers from BFA’s STEM Committee who organize the event each year!