BFA’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) Expo gets better and better each year! The purpose of the event is to expose our K-8 students to the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a fun and experiential way. They have the chance to see real world applications of what they learn about in school, and are also exposed to potential STEAM careers they could pursue. 

2021 STEAM Week

STEAM Week was an incredible experience for our students. Thanks to the STEM Committee and all our wonderful volunteers for bringing these unique and fun learning experiences to our students. Here’s a recap of the activities:
Preschool and Kindie:
  • The Butterfly Pavilion loaned us Mrs. Dorothy as a goodwill and educational ambassador for spiders! She talked to students about all of the things that make spiders special and shared a story. She also had a live black widow spider and a tarantula to show.
  • In addition, Snapology Lego engineering shared RoboPet frogs with our preschool and kindie students. The kids constructed frog habitats and programmed their robots to climb around the habitats. (Of course, robo frog racing also ensued!)
First and Second Grade:
  • Thanks to volunteers from Colorado Ballet, students learned that ballet dancers use their bodies to communicate emotion and to tell stories. They practiced using levels and danced through the water cycle… Thankfully, the enthusiastic hail dancing did not bring on a storm—until later that evening!
  • CodeNinjas used block-based coding to show students how to build and play a fun video game. Each student had to work through and code the process that they wanted their character to follow. (Stealth-mode learning – We see what you did there code ninjas…)
Third and Fourth Grade:
  • Representatives from Snapology helped students explore the fundamental steps architects and engineers follow when designing and building structures. They practiced creating floor plans, developing scale models, designing reinforcements, as well as designing for safety and functionality. 
  • KidzArt taught us how amazing paper art is! Through cutting and folding, students transformed colorful paper into lanterns, hats, three-dimensional sculptures and masks.  
Remote Students:
  • We had another successful STEAM day, 22 remote students joined the in-person activities with Snapology Lego engineering and KidzArt paper crafts.
  • Virtual students joined DaVinci Adventures and worked together to build squirmy toothbrush robots! The simple circuits ran a small motor that made the robots wiggle. In this activity the battery was the robot’s “brain” sending signals to it’s “muscles,” the small motor that made it move. Not all of the robots cooperated… but, it was fun for the remote students to connect with each other and try something new.
Fifth and Sixth Grade:
  • Science Matters – Students are using scrub brushes, batteries, motors, and binder clips to make robots! These crazy scrub-brush bots had everyone thinking about circuits and our tables have never been cleaner.
  • DaVinci Adventures – Vacuums, rockets and liquid-nitrogen oh my! Mr. Ben shared space science facts and had everyone on their toes with action packed demos. Students built and launched their own paper rockets to experiment with the principles of lift and drag.
Seventh and Eighth graders:
  • Code Ninjas – Students went retro and recreated the classic Pong video game using block-based coding. They were very focused–so watch out, as they may even challenge the Gen X’ers in their lives to an arcade showdown!
  • Aeon Unmanned – Students learned about the fundamentals of flight and the requirements for becoming a drone pilot. Then Mr. Greg re-created the recent ingenuity helicopter flight (on the turf field, not Mars!). Finally, a few budding pilots were able to operate the drones and take some pictures of our school.
Once again, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to the volunteer organizations that took time to share their expertise with our students.