Debra Wylie

This is my second year as the 5th grade afternoon instructional aide. I enjoy being a part of the Ben Franklin Academy family and helping out however I am needed. Sharing responsibilities with the teachers and getting to know the students are the best parts of my day. I’m originally from Texas but have lived in Colorado since 2008. My family and I enjoy spending time in the mountains whenever possible. Going home to Texas and spending time with my dad and family is also important to me. My daughter and son in law are also in Highlands Ranch with my two Colorado-born grandsons:). Although I’ve spent my career in law firms in many capacities, it’s a assisting in the day to day care of my grandsons prior to them starting school that has been my true calling. Now sharing my passion for the welfare, safety and happiness of our youth with the fine people at Ben Franklin Academy is icing on the cake. Having been a part of the carpool team, I have likewise gotten to know a lot of the parents of kiddos at Ben Franklin … it has been a pleasure getting to know so many good people and a reward to share in the day to day success of our school and our kiddos. 

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