Sarah Nisbet


Sarah Nisbet serves as Treasurer on the BFA Board of Directors. She holds a degree in education from Texas State University and spent five years teaching full day Kindergarten. During that time, she furthered her education becoming GT trained, ESL certified, and served on the literacy collaborative committee. When she left teaching to spend more time with her kids, she stayed involved by leading and running the finance side of a MOPS group and volunteering at BFA. Currently she is a Senior Coffee Specialist at the Nespresso Boutique. In addition to her volunteer work at BFA, Ms. Nisbet leads a single mom’s group at Mission Hills Church. Prior to joining the Board, Ms. Nisbet served on the School Accountability Committee (SAC) for four years. Currently, Ms. Nisbet serves as the Board liaison for the School Accountability Committee and the Uniform Committee. She’s also our representative on the DCSD Alliance.