Congratulations to all of our third and fifth graders who worked so hard on their science fair projects! There were so many creative and informative projects. We were very impressed with how much science was investigated. From guitars, skittles, and the school water fountains to hamsters, birds, dogs, and everything in between–the students’ personalities came through in their projects. The judges were very impressed and everyone should be proud of their work.

Special congratulations to the following students who won a medal or ribbon:

Third Grade: Liam Sabaleta, Isaac Deutsch, Dylan Schlenker, Jaxon Flint, Polly Goddard, Kendall Blevins, Ashley Bullock, Brady Weikart, Nash Mansfield, Elliana Freund, Braden Dimond, Emery Denham, Behr Calahan, Logan Phillips, Cole Busto, Jensen Hakes, Angelica Sabia, Connor Ward

Fifth Grade: Amelia Roper, Campbell Pettersen, Anjali Rangel, Kathleen Madeni, Lilah Sollenberger, Nash Lucero, Alayna Funderburg, Connor James, Reagan McFall

We also received 651 votes for the People’s Choice winners! There was a third grade winner Makayla Baldwin and fifth grade winner, Brennan Smythe!

Thank you to all the third and fifth grade teachers, as well as all of the amazing volunteers who helped make this possible!