Birthday: May 18

Favorite Restaurant: anywhere with a good cheeseburger!

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Sonic or MadGreens

Favorite Snack Food: trail mix

If I had an unexpected day off, I would spend it: on a walk/hike with my dog and family!

On a bad day, these would cheer me up: I try my hardest not to have a bad day (it’s all about perspective, right?!), but I do love an unexpected phone call/text to say hi or a thoughtful email to know someone was thinking of me.   

Favorite Starbucks drink: Iced Latte, no sweetener

Chocolate or Fruit?: both!!! I love chocolate covered fruit/nuts

Favorite place to shop: Nordstom Rack or Ross (love to bargain shop!) 

Favorite color: yellow or orange

Favorite sports team: I’m an Iowa girl…the Hawkeyes.

Hobbies: (bowling, golf, etc…): watching soccer, finding an adventure with my family, hand-lettering designs for gifts

Favorite Ben Franklin Virtue: HUMILITY! it’s a frequently used word at my house.

My family includes…My husband, Greg, of 16 years, Addison 15, Logan 10 and Chance (my dog).  I have a huge extended family…54 first cousins!