SAC Chair, Betsy Brown, presented the results of the Spring Parent Satisfaction Survey. We received approximately 80 valid responses with 5th grade having the most responses! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Almost everyone feels welcome as a parent of BFA;
  • Most do not utilize the online or other resources for Envision Math;
  • Most feel that BFA offers a safe environment for their students and that the addition of a full-time SRO increased their satisfaction with school safety;
  • Almost everyone indicated that they can easily use the PikMyKid app for carpool;
  • 92% of responders believe the Board values parent feedback;
  • 25% of responders do understand the implications and benefits of being a Core Knowledge school;
  • Most believe that the 13 virtues foster character development for students;
  • BFA’s greatest strengths were (1) academic programs; (2) parent involvement; and (3) our teachers;
  • BFA’s biggest challenges were (1) extracurricular programs; (2) enforcing rules; and (3) student to teacher ratio;
  • Those families new to BFA this year that completed the survey, unanimously indicated that they feel they are part of the BFA family;
  • Almost all who responded indicated that their child(ren) like(s) coming to school; and,
  • Almost all who responded indicated that they expect to have their child attend/continue BFA’s Middle School. 

The full report can be found on the SAC webpage. Thank you to our SAC for their hard work on this Spring Parent Survey!