BFA will be closed tomorrow, March 15, due to heavy snow and weather conditions. This means that all before/after school care as well as any activities are cancelled as well.

We don’t want the winter weather to prevent our Charity Week activities so we’ve made the following changes:

Charity Week t-shirt day will be on Thursday, March 28, with the same guidelines as previously announced–students can wear their Charity Week t-shirt and bottoms of choice (as long as the bottoms meet the regular dress of choice standards). Students who did not purchase a Charity Week t-shirt must come in their uniforms.

Dress of Choice and middle school Dodgeball for Dollars will be on Friday, March 29. For middle school dodgeball players:

  • The dodgeball teams will remain the same.
  • No additional teams or players will be added.
  • You should bring your lunch on Friday.
  • Students not playing will be in study hall.

Please check the lunch calendar after break rather than relying on your printed copy as sometimes the lunch choices change after snow days. 

Please stay safe and ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK (March 18-22)! We’ll see you again on March 25.