The Parent Satisfaction Survey is ready! This is your opportunity to give valuable feedback and suggestions to the Administration and Board. The survey only is available from Thursday, February 6, through Thursday, February 20.
The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Our goal is a 100 percent response rate. Families who take the survey and report their family number will receive an extra Dress of Choice day for their child(ren) on April 24 and be entered into a drawing for a BFA parking spot for the month of August. You must report your family number to receive the extra Dress of Choice Day on April 24 and to be entered into the drawing. Your responses are confidential, as only the School Accountability Committee (SAC) members will see the family numbers to designate which families will receive the April 24 dress of choice day and be eligible for the parking spot drawing. 
Similar to prior years, the survey will cover Curriculum, Communication, and Middle School. Additionally, there is a new section regarding the BFA Community, namely, parent/teacher conferences, fundraising, volunteerism, and traditions.
The survey is the official means for families to give the Board and Administration feedback and suggestions regarding BFA. To enact changes and/or preserve traditions, we need the empirical data provided by your survey responses. Further, the survey provides opportunities for families to be involved in the planning and evaluation of BFA’s instructional program and quality improvement processes. In the past, the parent satisfaction survey has ushered school-wide improvements such as: the adoption of the Second Step – social-emotional curriculum; increased security; higher participation rates in state-mandated tests; and, improved communication methods by the administration and teachers.
Your voice matters! The link to the survey will be available on:
  • BFA’s website;
  • Principal Simpson’s newsletter;
  • Middle School News;
  • Grade level websites; and,
  • Teacher newsletters. 
Additionally, there will be tables and I-Pads available for survey completion at: 
  • Parent/teacher conferences on February 11 and 13;
  • Middle School Dance drop-off/pick-up on February 8; and
  • School sporting events.
We look forward to hearing your important feedback! Please click on this link to begin. For your reference, the link is: